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Pantheonlogo.Herwolt↑ At first a drawing in the book “The Pantheon Route” (2009) this particular Herwolt  van Doornen impression of the Pantheon street sign years later became the logo of the shop. Note the differences.

↑ Logo designed by Herwolt van Doornen for publishing company Uitgeverij Nieuwezijds, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2000. 

↑ Sketch by Herwolt van Doornen 2012. Overview of Le petit carrefour, Belleville,  Paris. Backdrop of the movie Le ballon rouge (France 1956, Albert Lamorisse). Made to grasp some topographic topics in Furore magazine #21.

↑   At  Fréderique’s Aveda hair salon, Kerkstraat 144 (corner Spiegelstraat) Amsterdam, Découpages, a small exhibition of recent graphic cut-outs by Herwolt van Doornen was on show during the month of March, 2012.


↑ Logo and website design for journalist Kirsten Dorrestijn. Typography and styling by Herwolt van Doornen, technical realization by Jorrit Schaap 2011

↑ Engraved pumpkin by Herwolt van Doornen presented as a seasonal birthday gift for Mieke van Wijk, September 5, 2011

↑ Brush painting of two youths by Herwolt van Doornen made for the book cover of “Gedrag in uitvoering” (Behaviour under Construction), Nieuwezijds Publishers, Amsterdam 2011

↑ Window decorations for Pantheon Bookshop on the occasion of the annual Dutch Month of Philosophy by Herwolt van Doornen, April 2011, respectively 2010.

↑ Liber Amicorum for Annemarie Behrens. A goodbye gift by friends, colleagues, guests, clients and neighbours from Pantheon Bookshop, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 132-134, Amsterdam. Cover design in paper & ink by Herwolt, 2009

↑ Heraldic logo for Amsterdam based antiquarian booksellers Het Boek is Beter (The Book is Better). Drawing and design by Herwolt van Doornen, 2010.

↑ On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Amsterdam Hervormd Lyceum West, 1977 gymnasium graduate Herwolt van Doornen was commissioned to design a large festive poster (1981)

↑ Herwolt van Doornen painting and typography on bookcover for Italian novelist Michele Ondei’s The Kidnapping. Thoth Publishers, Amsterdam 1987

↑ Book cover by Herwolt van Doornen. Study on hypnotism and fringe science in 18th century France. Designed on location of Hard Werken Studios, Rotterdam 1988.


↑ Design by Herwolt van Doornen in the form of the Chinese character for “Books” for Amsterdam Bookshop Allert de Lange (1880-1998) on the occasion of a Chinese manifestation at the Royal Institute for the Tropics, Amsterdam 1986

↑ Logo designed by Herwolt van Doornen and used by the first publishing company of Guus (August) Kemme, Amsterdam 1986

↑ Logo used by Guus Kemme ‘s publishing company called The Goose Press by Herwolt van Doornen, Amsterdam 1992

↑ Bookcover design by Herwolt van Doornen. The Bookshop Guide to 285 (per capita a world record!) Amsterdam bookshops and antiquarian booksellers. Published by Heske Kannegieter and Guus Kemme. De Kan Goose Press, Amsterdam 1992

↑ Ex Libris design in use by the private library of Mr. Anthony Blom of the British School of Brussels, Belgium. Flemish theme of Uylenspieghel: Owl & Mirror. Herwolt 1981

↑ Wind rose by Herwolt van Doornen on his map of the Pantheon Route, the Literary Walk through Amsterdam by Ko van Geemert on behalf of the 25th Anniversary of Pantheon Bookshop, 2009

↑ Made in 1981 as a rubber stamp the size of a dime, this logo for international monumental artist Lam de Wolf (1949) was designed by Herwolt van Doornen and is still in use today.

↑ Cover of Furore magazine #18. Design by Herwolt van Doornen, Technical realizationby Piet Schreuders. Encyclopedic special on Amsterdam film locations, August 1992




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