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 ↑ Design by Gijs Sierman for the book “Natuurlijk Amsterdam” (“Amsterdam, Naturally”). Texts by Remco Daalder, drawings by Herwolt van Doornen, 2012

↑ “Birds on the Outlook” by Herwolt van Doornen, used for the announcement of the book “Natuurlijk Amsterdam” (“Amsterdam, Naturally”) by Remco Daalder. A selection of walking tours focusing on animal and plant life in Amsterdam. Bas Lubberhuizen Publishers, Spring 2012

↑  A selection of drawings by Herwolt, all but one as published in the book “Natuurlijk Amsterdam” (“Amsterdam, Naturally”) by Remco Daalder. Bas Lubberhuizen Publishers, Spring 2012

↑ Cut flowers by Herwolt van Doornen in de Stadsboekwinkel Amsterdam,2011

↑ Goat cut out of goat cheese by Herwolt van Doornen 2011

Bird in interior. Linedrawing by Herwolt van Doornen. Part of the Recent Bird Studies exhibition in Gallery Dit Eiland, Hollum, Ameland, 2002

↑ Wintery bird of prey by Herwolt. Part of Exhibition of Recent Birdstudies by Herwolt van Doornen at Gallery Dit Eiland, Ameland, 2002. Original in Art Collection G. Luijters, Schagerbrug, The Netherlands

↑ A few examples from the series of 14 animals used as wayfinding signs in CenterParcs located in Les Trois Forêts, Lorraine and Lac d’Ailette, Picardie, France. Drawings and designs by Herwolt van Doornen used by Mijksenaar waysigning design office, 2007-2010

Do3↑ An Ameland Luzon Redstart enjoys the view next to the exploratory’s door. Impression, 2009

Do4↑ A sighting of Gavia Immer (Great Northern diver) at eye level near Ameland SL. Drawing 2009
Do5↑ Under sealevel, one of the many crabs near Ameland SL’s coastline. Drawing 2009
Do6↑ Maritime life in the form of a seahorse in its bowl. Ameland SL. Drawing Spring 2009

Dog Reading Newspaper, large format print by Herwolt van Doornen. Landau Collection of Modern Art, Sandton, Union of South Africa 2009




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  1. By Alter on 03 Jun 2009 at 3:25 am

    It’s vivid!

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