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Découpage or paper cut-out by Herwolt van Doornen as featured in the Dutch magazine De God van Nederland #4, Summer 2012, page 55.

↑ Window design made for the Dutch National Week of Books, on the theme “Friendship”. Herwolt’s graphics for Pantheon Bookshop, Amsterdam, Spring 2012

↑ One of the public’s favourites: the “Herwolt” squirrel on page 68 of “Natuurlijk Amsterdam” (Amsterdam, Naturally ) by Bas Lubberhuizen Publishers, Amsterdam 2012 (drawing from which a mirror view is shown in the book)

↑ Drawing by Herwolt van Doornen in The New Yorker, March 26th 2001, p. 97. Submitted by courtesy of The New Yorker Magazine, USA.

↑ Graphics by Herwolt for Stadsboekwinkel Amsterdam (white) and Pantheon Bookshop (black). Amsterdam, summer 2011.

↑ By being elected to win the first Marten Toonder Award, Dutch comic strip artist Jan Kruis (1933) next to being granted € 25,000.- was also honoured with a festive book by 75 of his colleague artists. Cover drawing by Herwolt van Doornen, 2010


Herwolt van Doornen drawing on cover of a limited edition book designed by Joost Swarte on the occasion of 40 years of Stripantiquariaat Lambiek on November 8th 2008

↑ Autobus. Drawing for Vrij Nederland, April 22, 2006, p. 20. Accompanying an article by Mr. Ko Colijn on foreign diplomacy towards the Middle East.


↑ “Three Gentlemen” by Herwolt van Doornen, Amsterdam 2000. Art Collection Koopal family, Amsterdam



Sequence in Vrij Nederland, December 3, 2005 by Herwolt van Doornen


↑ One the occasion of his 50th birthday on January 28th, a small exhibition was held at the Lambiek Gallery in Amsterdam


↑ The New Yorker, May 3, 1993, p. 103 – “Funky Town” by James Wolcott, Submitted by courtesy of The NewYorker Magazine, USA. Drawing by Herwolt van Doornen
↑ The New Yorker, May 10, 1993, p. 81: Automobile. Drawing by Herwolt van Doornen. Submitted by courtesy of The NewYorker Magazine, USA
↑ The New Yorker, May 17, 1993, p.62 – Cowboy on horseback. Drawing by Herwolt van Doornen. Submitted by courtesy of The NewYorker Magazine, USA

↑ Zebra study by Herwolt van Doornen 1990. Original in Carolus Zebra Collection, Amsterdam

↑ For the human touch to this design for PTT Post, Royal Dutch Mail, on Nobelprize winning Dutch physician J.H. van ‘t Hoff, Mónica Carvalho’s design studio Artgrafica invited Herwolt van Doornen to draw these sybolic arrows.

First issue: September 3, 1991; 11.000.000 pcs.

In 1980 Herwolt van Doornen came up with a panel from the Willy Vandersteen Suske en Wiske book “Prinses Zagemeel” to be used as the new streetsign of the Lambiek Comic Shop and Gallery on Kerkstraat 72, Amsterdam.

It grew into the logo of the Lambiek emporium.

The idea to do the lettering in the form of a Vandersteen comic book album came from Job Goedhart. Lettering and color separations were done by Onno Docters van Leeuwen.





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  1. Herwolt, wat maak je prachtige originele tekeningen!

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